Fuel & Air Saver

The First & Only Technology Tested & Verified to Safely Close-Crank Engines.
Removes 100% of the Hydrocarbons & Returns Fuel Back to the Engine.

About World NCI

The technological principles behind the Fuel and Air Saver™ were developed and patented by a pioneering inventor and in 2003 World NCI acquired all rights, title, interest, and assets of the original inventor's company. World NCI's goal was to utilize this technology and proven scientific principles, while incorporating solid manufacturing designs and production procedures, to reduce consumer’s fuel costs and improve air quality. World NCI successfully accomplished these and offers a durable product with a lifetime warranty.

In 2005, World NCI was issued United States and World patents for its scientific re-development as well as technical and manufacturing innovations. As a result, the Fuel and Air Saver™ System was released for manufacturing.

Why Conduct Validation/Verification Testing

It is a well-known fact that many have tried and failed to close crank diesel engines, yet many have claimed to do so with no validation backing their claim. World NCI took steps to ensure claims were never made without the backing of validated test results and documentation.

During 2005 and 2006 World NCI invested substantial time and resources testing the Fuel and Air Saver™ System by independent EPA and SAE laboratories. All testing results validated the effectiveness of the Fuel and Air Saver™ in both decreasing harmful emissions and in increasing fuel economy. Even in the most grueling of tests conducted in the industry, the Fuel and Air SaverTM proved to not only remove 100% of crankcase hydrocarbons, but did so with an increase in fuel efficiency. World NCI has successfully established credibility as having the only verifiable technology to successfully close crank not only diesel engines, but all internal combustion engines.

World NCI’s Fuel and Air Saver™ is acknowledged by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and is listed on their website. Each FASTechTM unit prominently displays the CARB Executive Order Number D-69 1-8.

In our efforts to maintain industry credibility, World NCI relies on valid scientific tests and never overstates results nor omits negative facts. Testimonials accurately represent customer results, though not scientific in nature, they attest to improvements gained in their everyday use and driving habits.


Who We Are

Our company was founded in 2003 and has been working hard ever since in providing the highest quality product and service to our customers. It began with a meager staff of three friends—James R. Brock (Master Mechanic), Edmund X. Loughran (USAF Ret.), and Richard D. Roberts (Manufacturer).

Knowledge about the Fuel & Air Saver™ is spreading even faster given the cost of fuel and oil. 

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