Fuel & Air Saver

The First & Only Technology Tested & Verified to Safely Close-Crank Engines.
Removes 100% of the Hydrocarbons & Returns Fuel Back to the Engine.

The Fuel & Air Saver™ - Increase Efficiency / Reduce Cost!

Reliability & Safety
  • Closecranks Engines
  • Separates Hydrocarbons
  • Returns Fuel to Engine


Quicker Return on Investments

Fleets have spent millions for a small percentage in mileage increase. FASTech™ costs less than $800.00 per unit, wether a fleet is comprised of diesel engines with open blow-by tubes or semi-closed crankcase ventilation systems, installation of the Fuel and Air Saver™ may provide numerous benefits such as, increased fuel economy, cleaner oil, extended engine life, and fewer emissions into our environment. An additional  Benefit... no diesel smell in cabin!

Fuel Assumptions

Class 8 Tractor drives 100,000 miles per year and averages 5.5 mpg of diesel fuel, or about 18,000 gallons each year.

CO2 Facts
  1 One gallon of diesel fuel produces 22.2 pounds of CO2.
  2 18,000 gallons of fuel x 22.2 pounds of CO2 equals almost 400,000 pounds of CO² or about 181.3 metric tons of pollution.
  3 Independent tests have proven World NCI Fuel & Air Saver™ increases fuel efficiency by at least 4%, which equates to a 900 gallon reduction in fuel usage and a 10 metric ton pollution reduction.
Emissions - Facts
  1 The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) study indicated that 50% of the harmful emissions emanate from the “blow-by”, and the other 50% from the “tail-pipe.
  2 Certified tests have established that the Fuel and Air Saver™ totally eliminates the 50% of the lethal emissions from the “blow-by” and about 10% from the “tail-pipe” exhaust.
Validated Findings

WorldNCI's FASTechnology™ successfully reduces harmful contaminants from diesel tractors, while increasing fuel savings. Validated documentation, by recognized testing facilities are significant for both independent and fleet owners. Reduced harmful contaminants should impress any environmental organization including the EPA with respect to our goal in reducing pollution while increasing economy. Even though 5% fuel savings were recorded under controlled driving conditions, World NCI has received reports of higher fuel saving.

School Buses - Childred also Win

In 2005, the Clean Air Task Force (CATF) concluded their study of the effects diesel exhaust has on school buses and our children. Three cities were used in this study, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA and Ann Arbor MI. The "Introduction" to this report reflects the magnitude of this problem and the urgency for industry and government to swiftly correct. The report is a compelling examination of this crisis – it is highly recommended everyone take the time to examine. (Brief Overview / Full Report)

In 2006, the Lake Tahoe Unified School District initiated a 15 month beta test of the FASTech™ Model DX System. "After 15 months of maintenance free operation we evaluated our data on mileage and fuel usage and find that we have achieved a 5.2% savings in fuel usage, even with the winter temperatures here at Lake Tahoe." The report also stated "Some of the bus drivers have reported a reduction of the toxic diesel smell inside the buses during their daily runs. It’s good to know that the children on our buses, some having to ride 45 minutes each way, are having a healthier ride to and from school." (View their Impact Letter)


"To convert engine pollutants into usable energy, while creating a cleaner and healthier environment.”

CARB Exept Status


EPA Test Results

Verified test results from independent EPA Certified & Recognized Testing Facilities.

Auto Testing & Develop. Services (ATDS)
Envi. Tech. Verification (ETV) Report 
West Virginia University SAE J2711

Auburn University PAVE Track
Type II Fuel Consumption Test
SAE J1321 (TMC RP1102)
Series Configuration: March 5, 2007
Parallel Configuration: May 20, 2008

Original Equipment

World NCI's reputation remains above reproach and we fully back official Fuel & Air Saver.

All “Certified” units are identified by a nomenclature containing the CARB Executive Order, Patent Number and Serial Numbers.

Install only “Certified” units.

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